"that Hoboken near the Gulf of Mexico"

As one of the most diverse cities in the USA, the New Orleans dialect has been subject to influences including French, Spanish, German and a variety of African languages. There was also a mixing of the English spoken in eastern and midland USA as a result of river traffic from the Ohio into the Mississippi River.

New Orleanians are able to distinguish a speaker's city neighbourhood by their accent, one of the most well-known of these being that spoken by the 'Yats'. The name comes from the common greeting "Where y'at?" and signifies lower- and middle-class white New Orleanians, many of whom have a partly Irish heritage. The result is an accent that is very similar to what would have been spoken in the New Jersey city of Hoboken, now heavily gentrified, at the time Toole was writing.

"Doc" Hawley, a Mississippi River boatman and all-round Yat can be heard telling tales and talking about life after the hurricane at the podcast project One Voice at a Time.