"his membership card in the St Odo of Cluny Holy Name Society"

Local Holy Name societies are affiliated to the original "Confraternity of the most Holy Names of God and Jesus" and approval for setting one up has to be sought from the Dominican Order. Membership is restricted to practising Catholic males over the age of 18 who must go through an induction ceremony to pass from novitiate to full member.

Although the original idea was to discourage blasphemy, a wider remit of charitable purposes and moral rectitude has developed over the years.

Cluny Abbey
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCluny Abbey - Credit: Sacred Destinations
St. Odo of Cluny, who lived from c.878 to 942, was known as a great reformer of monasteries. In 927 he became the second abbot of Cluny Abbey in France. Severely devout and, like Ignatius J Reilly, at odds with the material world, St. Odo laid great stress on humility, obedience, self-denial and especially chastity.