"I would like very much to know what the Founding Fathers would say if they could see these children being debauched to further the cause of Clearasil"

Ignatius huffs this line at Mrs Reilly when he enters the family kitchen having earlier been heard from the other room bellowing at the TV

The Founding Fathers were the group of men who secured the United States' independence from Britain and drew up the Constitution. They include some of the giants of American history including Franklin, Washington, Jefferson and Adams.

Clearasil was invented by the extraordinary Ivan Coombes. As an energetic entrepreneur and inventor (he also invented Odor Eaters) he could be seen as a shining example of the opportunities that, even 200 years later, a hard-working citizen could make for themselves in the new country.  Coombes was for many years his product's sole distributor, sales manager and advertising director and he was so successful that Clearasil became the only product other than Cheerios to sponsor ABC's youth dance programme American Bandstand. It is presumably an episode of this that drives Ignatius to this particular bout of apoplexy.