"There was a small puja"
Puja Ceremony
Public DomainPuja Ceremony

Puja is the most common form of worship in the Hindu religion. It involves offering flowers, water and prayers to a god.

Hindus believe that the repeated chanting of the god's name will bring the statue of the god to life during the ceremony. The specific routine of the puja ceremony may vary, but it generally begins with a request to the god to possess a certain spot on the ground through chanting mantras or simple prayers. Water is then offered as it would be to a house guest who has travelled a long way.

The god is bathed by being sprinkled with water, and a thread of cotton is offered, to symbolise fresh clothes. The god is then offered flowers, fruit or incense. Sacred verses are recited and hymns of praise and thanks are sung. The ceremony ends with the offering of a sacred flame to indicate eternal life.