Page 101. " emerge unharmed through the Darkness of Kaliyug. "
Public DomainKali - Credit: Ravi Varma

Kaliyug, the Age of Kali, is one of the four stages of life in the cycle of Yugas. Hindus believe that the world travels through these four stages, changing the consciousness of mankind gradually.

It is a dark age, in which civilisation degenerates.  It is expected to last 432,000 years, and we're currently living through it.


Page 101. " aeons ago, in Mathura "

Mathura is a city in Northern India. It is 50 km north of Agra, and 150 km south of Delhi. 

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Page 109. " the cattle-keepers. "


Farmer with Cow
Creative Commons AttributionFarmer with Cow - Credit: Bernardoh, Flickr
Page 116. " they sat in awe on the stone steps outside the shop "


Tailor Shop
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeTailor Shop - Credit: Andi Hefti, Wikimedia
Page 119. " a bit of jaggery "
Making Jaggery
GNU Free Documentation LicenseMaking Jaggery - Credit: Ragib, Wikimedia

Jaggery is a concentrated, non-refined sugar, made from cane or palm juice without removing the molasses.

Recipe: Jaggery-caramelised Walnuts

Page 120. " The choli for their mother had required a bit more planning. "
Bridesmaids wearing cholis with matching saris
Creative Commons AttributionBridesmaids wearing cholis with matching saris - Credit: Howcheng, Wikimedia

Cholis are tight-fitting blouses with short sleeves and a low neck. They leave the midriff exposed and are normally worn with a matching sari.