Page 202. " Then he saw the worms. Phylum Annelida, he remembered them from biology class. "

Phylum Annelida
Creative Commons AttributionPhylum Annelida - Credit: Comrogue, Flickr
Phylum Annelida are segmented worms, a class that includes both earthworms and leeches. They can be recognised by their multiple circular segments, with both circular and longitudinal muscle fibres.

Page 207. " On his long evening walks through the hillside forest "

Forests in the Himalayas
Creative Commons AttributionForests in the Himalayas - Credit: Dainis Matisons, Flickr

Page 225. " the shuddering auto-rickshaw drew up to the gate. "

GNU Free Documentation LicenseAuto-rickshaw - Credit: Bernard Gagnon, Wikimedia
The auto-rickshaw is a small, motorised, three-wheeled cart, used for transporting people. They are hired in a similar way to taxis and are the main mode of transport in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.