Page 32. " Do you think that the largo "

Handel's Largo is an aria from the opera Serse (Xerxes). The Italian title "Ombra mai fù" translates as Never has there been a shade and the words praise the shade of a tree as he sits underneath it.

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The aria was written for the central character, Serse, but it has since been arranged for other voices and instruments.


Page 37. " The wedding took place in the morning. "

Indian Wedding
GNU Free Documentation LicenseIndian Wedding - Credit: Yann Forget
Indian weddings are bright colourful events, normally lasting for several days. They are often large events with up to 1000 people attending.

Page 43. " they picked Bing Crosby's High Society "


High Society was released in 1956, starring Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra. It was a musical adaptation of the film The Philadelphia Story.

Page 47. " attended all four days of prayer at the Towers of Silence "

Towers of Silence
GNU Free Documentation LicenseTowers of Silence - Credit: Maziart, Wikimedia
Followers of the Parsi religion believe that the dead body is unclean and so should not pollute the earth. They construct funeral towers where corpses are left until vultures have consumed all the flesh. The bones are then dropped into the ossuary pit in the centre of the tower.