Page 458. " slipping him the envelope with his parking hafta. "

"Hafta" is the Hindi word for week. It is used as the slang word for a fine, as corrupt police officers and thugs often allow a week for their payment to be delivered. Failure to pay the fine on time may lead to violent consequences, sometimes even death. The sad story of a shoemaker killed by a police constable confirms how serious not paying fines can be.

Page 462. " one more story that cannot be included in the cook's Mahabharat. "

The Mahabharata is one of the longest poems in the world, comprising an impressive 1.8 million words in 100,000 verses. The title is composed of the word maha (meaning "great") and bharata (meaning "cousin")

It is one of the two major Sanskrit epics, written around 5000 years ago by the mystic Vyasadeva.

The plot centres on five brothers from their birth, through their marriages, disputes with their cousins and the epic war of Kurukshetra. It even includes their deaths and afterlives.