Page 376. " And, ag man, sommer anything in Afrikaans, man "

ANC activists in exile or in military training abroad would become homesick and eager to read books and newspapers from South Africa, even those in Afrikaans, the oppressor's language.

Sommer is a much used word when speaking both Afrikaans and English. It has no meaning as such and can be translated as "just" or "even". "Sommer now" might be "right away" or "straight away".

Page 380. " he started setting free leaders of the struggle "

In the late 1980s, when UN-approved sanctions began to hurt South Africa’s economy, then-president P.W. Botha (1915-2006) began to release anti-apartheid activists from prison. At the same, he ordered the security police to tighten its grip on the country.

Page 394. " deep down we came from the same place, the same state of emergency, the same silences "

Four South Africans have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize:

1960   Albert Lithuli

1984   Bishop Desmond Tutu

1993   Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk


South African Nobel Peace Prize Laureates
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeSouth African Nobel Peace Prize Laureates - Credit: cornstaruk