"(Preface vii): For reasons sufficient to the writer, many places, people, observations and impressions have been left out of this book."
Ernest and Mary Hemingway In Kenya
Public DomainErnest and Mary Hemingway In Kenya - Credit: Earl Theisen, Library of Congress, LOOK Magazine Collection

As Christopher Hitchens points out in his article ‘Hemingway’s Libidinous Feast’, listing things that are not included in the book draws the reader’s interest to the tasty morsels that may have been favoured instead. Hitchens also highlights that the preface is engineered to appear as if it were written as a singular piece by Ernest, when in fact it was cobbled together at a later date by his fourth and final wife, Mary Welsh Monks.

There was much debate surrounding the release of Scribner's 'restored edition' (2009) of A Moveable Feast, the result of some reworking by Sean Hemingway, grandson from the author's second marriage to Pauline Pfeiffer.

A.E. Hotchner's article in The New York Times, 'Don't Touch "A Moveable Feast"', provides further insight into the debate on the restored edition, and is interesting in its own right for Hotchner's working relationship with Hemingway. It was Hotchner who was responsible for the renaming of the book when it was initially published (1964) after Hemingway's death in 1961. Hotchner's book Papa Hemingway: A Personal Memoir details many of their shared experiences.

         The restored edition: