"I cannot remember whether she was walking her dog"
Creative Commons Attributionconcentration - Credit: greg westfall

Stein was particularly fond of her canine companions. In A Geographical History of America or the Relation of Human Nature to the Human Mind (Random House, 1936), she would pen the well-known line: 'I am I because my little dog knows me'. American author Paul Bowles, who became close to Stein during his time in Paris, is quoted as saying 'She lived like anyone, more or less. She went out to market, bought food. She had that awful dog. She had to take it out for a walk all the time.' (Excerpt from Florian Vetsch's Desultory Correspondence: An Interview with Paul Bowles on Gertrude Stein).

Stein's French poodle, 'Basket', was replaced by 'Basket II', following his passing in 1937.