"Picasso's nude of the girl with the basket of flowers."

At a price of $29 or 150 francsPicasso's 1905 painting of the Young Girl with Basket of Flowers marked one of Gertrude and Leo Stein's first major art investments, as well as the beginning of a substantial friendship. Upon first sight, Picasso was clearly impressed with Gertrude, immediately requesting permission to paint her. Gertrude's reaction to the painting, however, was a little less enthusiastic, with Stein proclaiming that the girl had feet like a monkey's:

Picasso met the Steins at the establishment of Clovis Sagot, a former clown who had turned a pharmacy into an informal art gallery. "Who is the lady?" Picasso asked Sagot. "Ask her if she will pose for me." Leo Stein recalled later that "at the very moment when Picasso was demurely awaiting her word of acceptance, Gertrude was vocally expressing total dislike of the painting they had come to see." (Arianna Huffington, 'Picasso: Creator and Destroyer' in The Atlantic, June 1988).