"going down the mountain roads with a full load of wounded"
Ford Model T Field Ambulance 1916
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeFord Model T Field Ambulance 1916 - Credit: WyrdLight-McCallum www.wyrdlight.eu

The Italian army started using the Fiat 15ter as an ambulance in May 1915, and the larger Fiat 18 BLR would follow shortly after. Without any structured driver training -- there was no Highway Code in the UK until 1931, let alone any driver proficiency tests -- the handling of ambulances was, at best, a learn-on-the-job skill, especially in a warzone. Although it had its advantages, the Ford definitely kept drivers on their toes: 'Mountain driving was further complicated by brakes that could not handle the steep grades. Drivers kept an eye peeled for strategically placed trees that could stop them if necessary. Sometimes patients had unforgettable rides.'