"gone out to Mons from Sandhurst."
4th Bn Royal Fusiliers 22 August 1914
Public Domain4th Bn Royal Fusiliers 22 August 1914 - Credit: Royal_Fusiliers

Over 23-24 August 1914, the Battle of Mons was the first major battle of World War I. It represented the initial clash between the Allies and the German forces in the Belgian territory of the same name. Although the British were forced to retreat, the battle was considered a success, as they managed to hold off the German attack and inflict heavy casualties despite being outnumbered almost 3 to 1.

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst was not formed until 1947, but a college was constructed at Sandhurst in 1802 for the purpose of training cadets as officers. Undergoing further enlargement in 1912, it was generally accepted that attendance at the facility would lead to a commission. 



Sandhurst Royal Military Academy
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeSandhurst Royal Military Academy - Credit: Simon Johnston