"It was where Joyce ate with his family"
James Joyce, textorized with an excerpt from Ulysses
Creative Commons AttributionJames Joyce, textorized with an excerpt from Ulysses - Credit: Maxf

Dublin-born James Joyce returned to Paris with his family in 1920 -- at the invitation of Ezra Pound -- after moving around for many years in Zurich and Trieste. He had met Irish chambermaid Nora Barnacle in 1904, and the day of their first date -- 16th June -- would be the basis for Joyce's seminal work, Ulysses. the couple's two children, Giorgio and Lucia, were born in Trieste in 1905 and 1907 respectively, yet James and Lucia's complex relationship -- which was famously passionate at the outset -- did not lead to formal marriage until 1931.

Hemingway first met Joyce at Sylvia Beach's bookstore in 1922, and the two would enjoy many alcohol-fuelled outings together. Joyce suffered from chronic glaucoma, enduring periods of total blindness, and underwent several eye operations during his years in Paris.