"met my friend Mike Ward at the travel desk of the Guaranty Trust"

Hemingway's Canadian friend, Mike Ward, has since been written into Howard Engel's 'quasi-historic mise en scène', Murder In Montparnasse. The mystery novel, set in Hemingway's Paris, is narrated through the character of Ward, an expatriate working as a translator on the Right Bank. Hemingway -- one of Ward's premier acquaintances in the French capital -- goes under the fictional name of J. Miller Waddington, while the likes of Stein, Toklas, Fitzgerald, and even Georges Simenon (see 'Bookmark' for page 16) are all portrayed in various guises.

The American-owned Guaranty Trust Company opened its offices at 1 and 3 Rue des Italiens in 1917. The bank provided extra facilities to help American soldiers in the French capital.