"I have started many stories about bicycle riding"

One such tale that did make it to the printing press went under the heading of 'A Pursuit Race'. Published in 1927 in Hemingway's collection of short stories called Men Without Women, the little attention it did receive tended on the negative. 

1920s bicycle
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Just as Mike Ward predicted, however, Hemingway quickly learned to love the sport of bicycle racing. So much so that at times it even overtook his dedication to writing. In April 1925, Michael Reynolds tells us, 'Ernest was too busy watching the tactics of Brocco and MacNamarra in the bike races to worry about a novel. Ethel Moorhead's [Scottish painter, suffragette and editor of This Quarter with Ernest Walsh] acceptance check for 'The Undefeated' was large enough, he told her, to pay the rent, buy groceries, and tickets for the bike races. He and Hadley took enough food to last them well into the night.'