"You can sell stories to Ford."

Despite his dislike of Ford Madox Ford's 'pompous monologues and British demeanour', Hemingway learned much from the self-promoting ways of the older writer, not least the power of free publicity created by way of literary controversy. As such, 'when Ford asked him to write an editorial column for the May transatlantic [1924], Hemingway did his best to create a literary uproar, insulting two well-known Left-Bankers -- Tristan Tzara, co-founder of the Dadaist movement, and Djuna Barnes, the attractive lesbian author' (Michael Reynolds, Hemingway the Paris Years, p. 183).

Hemingway's distaste for Ford was not limited to his personality. In a communication to Ezra Pound he ranted: 'Ford ought to be encouraged, but Jesus Christ. It is like some guy in search of a good money maker digging up Jim Jeffries at the present time as a possible heavy weight contender. The thing to do with Ford is kill him.' (Reynolds, p. 169).