"I think I have Mazeppa licked though. Have you been going well?"
The Page Mazeppa
Public DomainThe Page Mazeppa - Credit: Jean Louis Théodore Géricault

Risch Robert writes in the article 'Evan Shipman: friend and foil' (published in The Hemingway Review, 2003) that 'Mazeppa' was the title of an 'epic poem' penned by Shipman. In it he 'describes women as flowers, whose sweet voices turn to the harsh and shrill complaining of deserted strumpets (Letter from Shipman to Hemingway, 29 October 1932)'.

Ivan Mazeppa was a Ukrainian hero, punished for an illicit love affair by being strapped naked to the back of a wild horse.  Lord Byron wrote his poem a century before Shipman.