"the oysters, expensive flat faintly coppery marennes, not the familiar, deep, inexpensive portugaises"
Oyster from Marennes-Oléron
GNU Free Documentation LicenseOyster from Marennes-Oléron - Credit: David Monniaux

Marennes Oleron by SPOT Satellite
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeMarennes Oleron by SPOT Satellite - Credit: Cnes - Spot Image
The extremely popular marennes oyster is cultivated in the Marennes-Oléron region of France's Atlantic coast.

'Portugaise', on the other hand, is the term usually applied to a variety of French oyster with close links to Eastern and Pacific species. The true 'vervy, fast-growing and easy-to-farm portugaise' (Crassostrea angulata), however, was largely wiped out by a disease in the 1970s. It has since been replaced by the similar japonaise (Crassostrea gigas).