"what was called for a long time Work in Progress"
Finnegans Wake
Creative Commons AttributionFinnegans Wake - Credit: eduardomineo

With the colossal Ulysses finding publication through Sylvia Beach in March 1921 (see 'Bookmark' for page 16: "To keep my mind off writing..."), James Joyce set down his pen for a year. On 10 March 1923 he began the first two pages of what would eventually become known as Finnegans Wake. After the completion of the initial two sections of the novel in 1926, Transition magazine agreed to serialise it under the title of Work in Progress. However, the book would not be published in full form until 1939. Despite his early support of Joyce, Ezra Pound was amongst the book's many critics, stating 'Nothing so far as I can make out, nothing short of divine vision or a new cure for the clapp can possibly be worth all that circumambient peripherization.'