"he showed me a review by Gilbert Seldes that could not have been better."
Gilbert Seldes
Public DomainGilbert Seldes - Credit: Carl Van Vechten

American writer and critic Gilbert Vivian Seldes (1893-1970) was editor of literary magazine The Dial. He was also the New York-based correspondent for T. S. Eliot's publication, The Criterion. Obviously impressed with The Great Gatsby, Seldes sang its praises in The Dial:

Fitzgerald has more than matured; he has mastered his talents and gone soaring in a beautiful flight, leaving behind him everything dubious and tricky in his earlier work, and leaving even further behind all the men of his own generation and most of his elders... Scenes of incredible difficulty are rendered with what seems an effortless precision.

In his essay 'On a Fairy's Wing: Hints of Fitzgerald in Hemingway's "The Butterfly and the Tank"', James Plath suggests that such praise ignited a jealousy in Hemingway that left him seething.