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La Closerie des Lilas and the statue of Marshal Ney
Cafè Closerie Des Lilas
Public DomainCafè Closerie Des Lilas - Credit: Ricce

First opened in 1847, La Closerie des Lilas -- which was just around the corner from Hemingway's rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs apartment -- soon became a favourite writing spot for the author. The cafe, whose name means 'a small enclosed lilac garden', still stands today at the corner of boulevard du Montparnasse and boulevard St. Michel. Its popularity was not limited to Hemingway and the 'Lost Generation', with a list of great names reported to have walked through its doors: 'Years go by and generations follow generations... while the tradition of the Arts lives on at La Closerie'.

Marshal Ney
Creative Commons AttributionMarshal Ney - Credit: Kieran Lynam

Though often criticised as partly responsible for Napoleon Bonaparte's defeat at The Battle of Waterloo, Marshal Ney's performance and bravery in leading the rearguard in the 1812 retreat from Russia was legendary. The statue, which stands on the corner next to the Lilas, marks the spot where the marshal was executed. (More information in the bookmark for page 19).