"The brush with the maroon velvet back was for Michael Davitt and the brush with the green velvet back was for Parnell."
Michael Davitt
Public DomainMichael Davitt - Credit: Beka

  Michael Davitt was a leading figure in the Home Rule movement, and is especially remembered for his role as a revolutionary founder of the Land League. His unceasing efforts were instrumental to future Irish Land Acts after the Gladstone First Land Act of 1870.

Charles Stewart Parnell
Public DomainCharles Stewart Parnell

 Charles Stewart Parnell was the founder and leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party.  He led his party as a Member of Parliament from 1875 to his death in 1891. Gladstone described him as remarkable; Asquith said he was one of the three or four greatest men of his era. He was however involved in a scandal due to his marriage to a divorced woman.