"he hummed contentedly one of his favourite songs: O, Twine Me a Bower, or Blue Eyes and Golden Hair or The Groves of Blarney"

These are Uncle Charles' favourite tunes:

1. O, twine me a bower

2. Blue Eyes and Golden Hair

3. The Groves of Blarney

You can find more on the music in Joyce's books on this site.

Blarney Castle near Cork dates from the fifteenth century.

Blarney Castle
GNU Free Documentation LicenseBlarney Castle - Credit: Guilhem D

It is claimed that the association of "Blarney" with "empty flattery" derives from Queen Elizabeth I, who, while requesting an oath of loyalty to retain occupancy of land, received responses from Cormac Teige McCarthy, the Lord of Blarney promised loyalty to the Queen without "giving in". Elizabeth proclaimed that McCarthy was giving her "(a lot of) Blarney".