"My heart is like a singing bird"
Christina Rossetti, painted by her brother
Public DomainChristina Rossetti, painted by her brother - Credit: Dante Gabriel Rossetti

This is the first line of the verse that conveys the essence of  female pre-war Edwardian England to Virginia Woolf's narrator.

The verse belongs to a two-verse poem entitled 'A Birthday', by Christina Georgina Rossetti.

'Because the birthday of my life

Is come, my love is come to me.'

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Christina Georgina Rossetti was an English Victorian poet well-known for her romantic and religious poems as well as for some children's verse. She was the sister of the Pre-Raphaelite painter and poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and was the model for the Virgin Mary in his 'The Girlhood of Mary Virgin'



One of her best known poems is 'Remember', a Petrarchan sonnet in which the poet  'speaks' to someone who loves her about how she would wish to be thought about after her death. Understandably, it is often chosen as a poem to be read at funerals. 

References to it form a significant part of the storyline in the 1955 film noir Kiss me Deadly.