"and all the heroines who dominate play after play of the misogynist Euripides"

These are the words of F.L Lucas, the author of the quotation which is the footnote to this page.

F.L. Lucas is Frank Laurence Lucas (1894-1967). He was a literary critic, poet, novelist and playwright who was a Fellow of Kings's College, Cambridge. He is well known for having criticised the poetry of T.S. Eliot during the 1920s.

The footnote quotation comes from one of his works entitled Tragedy which was published in 1927. In his text, the fact that "misogynist" is in inverted commas suggests that the author does not necessarily agree with this view of Euripides. Lucas was, in fact,  the author of a book about the Greek playwright, entitled Euripides and His Influence (1924) 

Many of Euripides' plays portray powerful and individualistic women, but whether he was a 'misogynist' (a hater of women) remains a subject of debate


Depiction of Andromache (one of Euripides' heroines) as a slave (c.1887)
Public DomainDepiction of Andromache (one of Euripides' heroines) as a slave (c.1887) - Credit: Frederic Leighton