"It was not born in England among the Saxons and the Britons"

Depiction of Ancient Britons (The Netherlands c.1575)
Public DomainDepiction of Ancient Britons (The Netherlands c.1575) - Credit: unknown
 THE BRITONS (sometimes known as Ancient Britons or Brythons) is the name given to the Celtic people who inhabited the British Isles from the Iron Age to the Early Middle Ages.

They spoke a language called Brythonic from which the languages, Cumbric, Welsh, Cornish and Breton are derived.


THE SAXONS were originally members of Germanic tribes who started settling in Britain from the 5th century onwards. Other Germanic tribes known as Angles also started settling in Britain at about the same time, leading to the coining of the term Anglo-Saxon to describe both the incomers and the language that developed in the wake of their settlement.

 Anglo-Saxon English is sometimes also known as Old English.