"the Duchess whom Lamb loved, hare-brained, fantastical Margaret of Newcastle"
Margaret Cavendish
Public DomainMargaret Cavendish - Credit: unknown

Margaret Cavendish (née Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1623-1673), was an English author and aristocrat. She published a selection of biographies, romances, essays, and plays under her own name at a time when most women writers shunned publicity. A women of extremely diverse interests, she was an early proponent of Animal Rights.

Charles Lamb wrote of her in one of the Essays of Elia (1823/33) entitled 'Mackery End, In Hertfordshire':

'a dear favourite of mine,of the last century but one - the thrice noble, chaste and virtuous - but again somewhat fantastical and original-brained generous Margaret Newcastle'.