"There are 10 years between Vera and me - 10 years that gave me the Beatles, the demonstrations against the Vietnam War, the student uprising of 1968...."

During 1968, all over the world, there were student uprisings for various reasons.

In Paris, France, revolts were held against a modern consumer and technical society that caused a ripple effect across the city.

Conflicts between students and administration caused the University of Paris at Nanterre to shut down. At the Sorbonne, protests over the closure and expulsion of students at Nanterre took place, and then the largest student union and union of university professors held a march to protest the police invasion of the Sorbonne. 

In Spain, student uprisings occurred to end the oppressive dictatorship of General Francisco Franco. 

At Columbia College in New York, protests over a discovery linking the university and the institutional apparatus supporting the United States' involvement in the Vietnam War.