Page 19. " In case your Tony Benn ever comes to power "

Tony Benn is a British Labour politician who swung to the far left during the 1970's.

Page 19. " My Mother had known ideology, and she had known hunger. When she was twenty-one, Stalin discovered he could use famine as a weapon against the Ukrainian Kulaks. "

Referred to as the Holodomor, the famine of 1932-1933 was the result of economic and trade policies instituted by Joseph Stalin. This famine resulted in an estimated death of between 2.6 to 10 million Ukrainians. 

It is believed by some scholars that the famine was designed as an attack on the rise of Ukrainian nationalism, and therefore would fall under the legal definition of genocide. 

A map depicting the rate of population decline after the Holodomor can be found here