"Thomas Ashe and Dick Mulcahy"
Thomas Ashe was a member of the Gaelic League, Irish Republican Brotherhood and a founding member of the Irish Volunteers. During the Easter Rising, Ashe commanded the Fingal battalion of the Irish Volunteers. Ashe's force of 60-70 men won a major victory in Ashbourne, County Meath. Ashe's battalion surrendered on the orders of Patrick Pearse, 24 hours after the Rising collapsed. On 8 May 1916 Ashe was sentenced to death, a sentence which was later altered to penal servitude for life, which he served in Lewes Prison, England. On 18 June 1917 Ashe was released due to accounts of prisoner mistreatment appearing in the Irish press. Following his release, Thomas Ashe took part in numerous speaking engagements. In August 1917 he was arrested following a speech in Ballinalee, County Longford, convicted of sedition and sentenced to two years hard labour. Whilst imprisoned Ashe went on hunger strike, beginning on 20 September, to demand prisoner-of-war status. He died five days later.