Page 159. " by-elections down the country, victories for Count Plunkett and Joe McGuinness "

George Noble Plunkett, Count Plunkett, was an Irish nationalist and father of Joseph Plunkett, who was executed for the part he played in the 1916 Easter Rising.

Page 169. " in Frongoch "

Frongoch, a village in North West Wales, was the site of the Frongoch internment camp where approximately 1,800 Irish prisoners were held after the Easter Rising. Inmates at Frongoch included Michael Collins and Arthur Griffith. The camp was fertile ground for spreading the revolutionary ideal and lessons were given among the inmates in guerrilla tactics, the camp became known as the "University of Revolution".

Page 169. " and Lewes "

Lewes Prison seen from the castle
Public DomainLewes Prison seen from the castle - Credit: Charlesdrakew
Lewes is the county town of East Sussex in England. It was in the prison here that many notable figures in the 1916 Easter Rising, such as Eamon de Valera, Thomas Ashe, Frank Lawless and Harry Boland, were incarcerated.


Page 172. " by the Gaelic League "
The headquarters of the Gaelic League
GNU Free Documentation LicenseThe headquarters of the Gaelic League - Credit: Kaihsu Tai
The Gaelic League (Conradh na Gaeilge) is a non-governmental organisation which promotes the Irish language. Although the Gaelic League is an apolitical organisation, throughout its existence it has attracted many Irish nationalists of different persuasions. Many future political leaders and rebels first laid foundations for groups such as the Irish Volunteers through the League. Most of the signatories of the 1916 Proclamation of the Irish Republic were members.