"Prison of the Abbaye"
The prison de l’Abbaye in 1793
Public DomainThe Prison de l’Abbaye in 1793 - Credit: G. Lenotre

The Prison of the Abbaye (Prison de l’Abbaye) was a Parisian prison from 1522 to 1854, and the scene of one of the bloodiest episodes of the French Revolution (see bookmark page 264 The horrible massacre).

[The Prison of the Abbaye] was formerly a house of detention within the jurisdiction of the Abbaye of St. Germain des Prés, in the immediate neighborhood of which it stands. It contains several dungeons below the ground, and is the most gloomy of all the places of confinement in Paris. The horrors which took place here during the Revolution [the September massacres] are … well known. The prison now serves as a house of arrest for military offences…. For permission to visit this prison special application must be made to the Minister of War, but on account of the strictness of military discipline the greatest difficulty may be expected in obtaining it.

Galignani’s New Paris Guide (1842)

Dickens may have seen or visited the prison during visits to Paris before it was demolished in 1854 to make way for changes in the layout of the city’s streets.