A week in December: key locations


Overview of key locations
Public DomainOverview of key locations

This map of Greater London shows where the novel's main characters live and work.

Old Pye Street, London


Old Pye Street - John Veals's offices
Creative Commons AttributionOld Pye Street - John Veals's offices - Credit: Paul Farmer


The offices of hedge fund manager John Veals, near Victoria Station

Holland Park


Holland Park
Creative Commons AttributionHolland Park - Credit: Piotr Zarobkiewicz
Near the home of John Veals's family


Mafeking Road, North London
by cm


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  The location of R Tranter's home.

Public DomainHavering-atte-Bower

The ancient village is the home of the Farooqs.

"atte Bower", pronounced atty Bower, means at the royal residence.


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Bethnal Green

The location of the safe house of Hassan al-Rashid's cell.




Creative Commons AttributionChelsea - Credit: Jim Linwood

The location of barrister Gabriel Northwood's home.

Drayton Green


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 Jenni Fortune's home