"As an appetiser, we would consult the oracular books, and came to depend more and more on the Gault-Millau guide"

The Gault-Millau guide is a rating system for eateries in France where points from 1-20 are awarded for the quality of food. Additional comments on atmosphere, service, prices and overall experience are also included but are separated from the food and do not affect its score. This system therefore offers an individual rating for the food rather than a combined score which is affected by the overall dining experience.

The concept was created by Henri Gault and Christian Millau in 1965 and has gone on to become one of the most influential restaurant guides for France alongside the highly esteemed Michelin Guide. The Gault-Millau guide has been used for other countries including Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Benelux and is regarded as a priceless companion to eating out in France.