Page 126. " There had been a forest fire near Grasse, and the Canadair planes had been called out "

Grasse is situated on the French Riviera in the Alpes-Maritime department. It is considered the centre of the French perfume industry and more so the perfume capital of the world, with many specialists training here to distinguish their 'noses' of over 2000 different smells.


Grasse boasts a temperate climate perfect for flower cultivation and a thriving flower farming industry. There are loads of old 'parfumeries' open to the public for tours and a gorgeous old cathedral founded in the 11th century, among other monumental sites.

The Canadair planes are used during forest fires to help fight the flames. They are designed to scoop water out of large areas like the ocean where they then dump the water over the flames.

Page 145. " There is one September weekend when the countryside sounds as though rehearsels are being held for World War Three "

Deer hunting in France
Public DomainDeer hunting in France - Credit: Josie and Buck from Kentucky
 This September racket marks the annual start of the hunting season. It is not an uncommon sight to see a group of hunters with guns a-plenty marching through the country side at this time of year and regardless of the perception of hunting as a dying out sport, la chasse is still widely practised.