Page 197. " Maurice brought glasses of Marc and pulled up a chair "

Marc is the French term used to describe Brandy. Brandy is a spirit produced by distilling wine and is most popular as an after dinner drink, better known as a digestif. Brandy is sometimes a generic term used to describe a range of particular types of Brandy based upon the particular type/s of fruit used in the distillation process. For example 'Apple Brandy' has therefore been produced with the help of apples and grapes and 'Grain Brandy' from the addition of grain spirits. In the case of 'Marc Brandy', also known as 'pomace brandy', the name refers to the process of fermentation of and distillation of grape skins, seeds and stems that remain after grapes have been pressed to extract their juice (used to make wine). The left overs are what is used to create marc brandy.