Page 76. " Le premier Mai started well, with a fine sunrise, and as it was a national holiday we thought we should celebrate in correct fashion by paying homage to the summer sport and taking to our bicycles. "

The first day of May is celebrated in France by being a national holiday, similar to Labour Day in the States. It also marks the final month of glorious spring where flowers are in full bloom and the sun is shining brightly. Hence what better way to enjoy the outdoors than to do like so many and take to the roads on a bike.  Riding is the unofficial summer sport of France and is also a great way to take in the scenery of the Provence.

Page 78. " The fields around the house were inhabited every day by figures moving slowly and methodically across the landscape, weeding the vineyards, treating the cherry trees, hoeing the sandy earth. "

Maintenance is essential to a healthy vineyard. Weeds must be tended to, fruit trees treated and the earth continually aerated for maximum productivity. Further more this sentence creates an impacting scene of life in Provence; slow, yet productive. Due to the mediterranean climate and the landscape, the earth can be quite dry which may come as a bit of a shock to some seeing as the land itself produces such a bountiful selection of goods.

Page 97. " We both loved Aix "

Public DomainAix-en-Provence - Credit: J.-C. Curtet
Aix, or Aix en Provence, is also known as the town of art or the town of water. It is esteemed for its preserved heritage and countless castles, chapels and shrines standing proud against the glorious landscape of Provence.

Aix boasts an array of museums, galleries and libraries, dominating cathedrals and historical buildings now converted into plush hotels and restaurants. It is famous for being a university town and also has several training colleges, a college of arts and design and is an internationally recognised centre for many international study programs.