A traditional Provencal sauce made from garlic, olive oil and egg. Better known as a garlic mayonnaise
beef en croute
Similar to the well known Beef Wellington, this french classic is a cut of beef wrapped in puff pastry and oven baked to perfection
Bon jour
Bonne Annee
Happy New Year
A seafood dish that uses a variety of fish and fresh herbs, spices and vegetables. It is served differently depending on the area, for example in Marseille the fish is served in a separate bowl to the flavoured broth. It is a traditional Provencal fish stew and earns it originality from other fish soups by its use of local ingredients
C'est la vie
Such is life
Cafe creme
Milk coffee
The sampling of small portions of various foods. If at a restaurant this will include sampling around 8 bite sized morsels of the chef's signature dishes in one sitting and is usually accompanied by a matching wine degustation that complements each dish
An alcoholic drink served after a meal to help aid digestion. A digestif is usually consumed straight (neat) and include drinks such as brandy, grappa and ouzo
Foi gras
A well known delicacy in France, it is usually sold whole or prepared into mousse, parfait or pate. It is a food product made from goose or duck liver, and the outcome of the animal being deliberately/specially fattened most typically through forced feeding. It's flavour is rich, buttery and and delicate and can be served whole or as an accompaniment to foods such as steak.
Anise flavoured liqueur from France. Used commonly as an aperitif. Strong alcohol content of around 40-45%
Wild Boar
A fashionable evening party
A thick paste consisting of pureed or finely chopped olives, capers, anchovies and olive oil. A typical Provencal recipe
tarte au citron
A deliciously easy lemon tart featuring lemons, creme fraiche and sweet pastry
A mixture of ground lean meat emulsified with fat and served as a loaf style dish usually at room temperature. Similar to a pate but uses more coarsely chopped ingredients
tres delicat
Very delicate