A Year in Provence

by Peter Mayle

In Brief

Ater using Provence as an annual getaway, Peter Mayle and his wife decide to make the move permanent. Their subsequent 'settling in' is made all the merrier with an eclectic entourage of neighbours, noisy builders and guests. This highly entertaining book, part memoir, part travel guide, part beginners guide to Provence follows Mayle's love and relentless quest for the best things in life; great food, great wine and good times.

Why you should read it

It wasn't awarded Travel Book Of The Year (1989) for nothing, brimming with vital insider information on places to visit, where to eat and what to drink. Along with being packed full of Mayle's hilarious experiences, it also includes a colourful array of french phrases that will come in particularly handy when you arrive in Provence. You do realise that by reading this book you will almost certainly be purchasing a plane ticket, don't you!? Be prepared to transport your senses to another dimension full of glorious smells, sights, sounds and tastes and say hello to your inner chef as it is impossible not to take up french style cooking after this, or french language lessons at that.

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