Page 156. " All kings is mostly rapscallions, as fur as I can tell. "

Huck thinks that all leaders are mischevious or evil. This shows that even from his limited experience with kings he is able to make a somewhat educated observation. He has gained some bias from listening to his father yell as well. He mentions earlier in the story that when his dad got drunk he would go for the government first. He thought that since he wasn't getting money or that things weren't going his way that the government was terrible and that everyone was bad, which may have rubbed off some onto Huck.

Page 158. " I do believe he cared just as much for his people as white folks does for their'n. "

During this time period there were still servants and a lot of discrimination between races. Huck shows that even though he and Jim are not the same on the outside, they can care for people just the same. With his little bit of education he thinks that it is not normal for an African American to care about his people like the "white folks do." He continues to say how he appreciates that he does and it shows his innocence and that he picks up things from experience but can also form his own thoughts and opinions.