Page 27. " Pap warn't in good humor- so he was his natural self. "

Huck knew his alcoholic father and his attitude very well. This gives the reader a further insite into his personality. This is telling how Huck could tell that if his dad was mad or not in a joking mood, that he was fine. It was normal for his father to be in a bad mood and to be mean and abusive. 

Page 33. " But when I got to shore pap wasn't in sight yet, and as I was running her into a little creek like a gully, I struck another idea. "

Huck was trying to do everything in his power to get away from his father, but there may have been a part of him that still felt like he loved him. This is evident when he finds this thing his first thought was to bring it back to his dad and get him ten dollars for it. Although this was more than likely a thought motivated by fear of his father; that if he were to get him something that he would miss a beating and he wouldn't be in trouble. This is important because this is where Huck decides that his best plan of action with this would be to hide the little boat, fake his death and leave town on the river. 

Page 36. " When I woke up I didn't know where I was, for a minute. Everything was dead quiet, and it looked late, smelt late. "

Huck had left in his boat and set out for an island by river. He went late because he did not want anyone to find him. This really showed the fear he had for his father. He knew that if someone found or saw him they would tell the old man and he would come out looking for him. He knew that if things went bad and he had to go back he would be in trouble for running, or for being out so long or not bringing enough stuff back for him. Almost everything Huck has done up to this point has been motivated by this fear.

Page 41. " When it was dark I set by my camp fire smoking, and feeling pretty satisfied; but by-and-by it got sort of lonesome, and so I went and set on the bank and listened to currents washing along, and counted the stars and drift-logs and rafts that come down, and then went to bed "

This is a sort of sad moment for Huck. It is symbolizing how alone he really is in the world, not just on the island. He has no one in his life beside the widow who, thanks to his father, he built up an intolerance for. His father hates him and made him hate everyone who did anything good for him. Huck is alone in the world and it took being on a secluded island to realize it.