"The gun-emplacements are camouflaged with bushes against aerial observation, and look like a kind of military Feast of the Tabernacles"
Prayers at the Western Wall during Sukkot
Creative Commons AttributionPrayers at the Western Wall during Sukkot - Credit: ארכיון הצילומים קקל, הצלם יעקב שיין

The Feast of the Tabernacles is a Jewish feast in the seventh month of the Jewish Calendar, which falls approximately between September and October. It is also called the Feast of Booths, or Sukkot, after the sukkah, a temporary structure topped with leafy material in commemoration of the dwellings built by the Israelites during their exodus from Egypt.


Sukkot Booths
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeSukkot Booths - Credit: Yoninah