Page 252. " a hospital inspector is just the same as a commissariat inspector "
Commissariat Staff Officers
Public DomainCommissariat Staff Officers - Credit: Cambridge University

The commissariat is the department of an army charged with the provision of supplies, including food and forage, for the troops. The supply of military equipment such as ammunition is not the responsibility of the commissariat.

An officer of the commissariat is called a Commissary.

Page 259. " Among our arrivals there are two young soldiers with flat feet "

Flat feet is the common term for the medical condition pes planus, in which the arch of the foot is collapsed, causing the entire sole to touch, or nearly touch, the ground. 

Page 262. " Two fellows die of tetanus. Their skin turns pale, their limbs stiffen "
Public DomainTetanus - Credit: Sir Charles Bell

Tetanus  is a medical condition characterized by the contraction of skeletal muscle fibers. This is caused by a neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium tetani. Infection generally occurs through wound contamination, and often involves a cut or deep puncture wound. As the infection progresses, muscle spasms develop in the jaw (hence the name "lockjaw") and elsewhere in the body.

Page 266. " a sort of black crinkly mantilla with ribbons "

Women wearing mantillas
Creative Commons AttributionWomen wearing mantillas - Credit: Carolus
A mantilla is a veil made of lace or silk that is worn over the top and back of a woman's head, often elevated on a high comb.  The garment is particularly popular in Spain amongst devout Catholic women, but it is also associated with flamenco dancing.

Page 275. " a couple of branches of cherry blossom in his hand "
Cherry Blossom
Creative Commons AttributionCherry Blossom - Credit: Hans Braxmeier