"He was standing beside a statue of a woman-like thing: her naked breasts hung, flat and pendulous on her chest, around her waist was a chain of severed hands, both of her own hands held sharp knives, and, instead of a head, rising from her neck there were twin serpents "

GNU Free Documentation LicenseCoatlicue - Credit: Luidger via wikimedia commons
This is Coatlicue, the 'Mother of the Gods' in Aztec myth. She can be both benevolent and deadly. She has a skirt of writhing snakes, and a necklace of human hands, skulls and hearts. Her breasts are low hanging from nursing, and her head is two serpents facing each other. Her hands and feet are covered with claws.


She is known variously as the 'Goddess of Fire and Fertility,' 'Mother of the Southern Stars,' 'Goddess of Life, Death and Rebirth,' and 'Mother Goddess of the Earth who gives birth to all celestial things.'