Page 281. " I'll tell you all my secrets But I lie about my past So send me to bed forever more "

Tango Till They're Sore by Tom Waits

Page 284. " Walking in a Winter Wonderland, began to run through his head "

Walking in a Winter Wonderland sung by Bing Crosby.

The song was written by Felix Bernard and Richard B Smith in 1934.

Page 284. " he realised that he was humming Help "

Help! by the Beatles was the title song for a film of the same name in 1965. 

It was number one for three weeks in the UK and USA when it was originally released.

Page 286. " a riot of color, of poppies and irises "

 Poppies come in many colours and are popular in gardens due to their bright flowers.

Yellow California Poppy
GNU Free Documentation LicenseYellow California Poppy - Credit: Santosh Namby Chandran

Irises take their name from the Greek for rainbow and they come in a variety of colours with very showy flowers.

Iris Sanguinea
GNU Free Documentation LicenseIris Sanguinea - Credit: BS Thurner Hof
Iris Samurai Warrior
GNU Free Documentation LicenseIris Samurai Warrior - Credit: KENPEI

Page 293. " when the lilacs and the apple and the cherry blossoms were out, "
Stockholm Lilac
Creative Commons AttributionStockholm Lilac - Credit: Marisa DeMeglio from NYC, USA
Apple Blossom
Public DomainApple Blossom - Credit: Rosser1954

 Lilacs are deciduous shrubs, they flower in spring and the flowers are usually a bright purple or lilac, though other colours like white, pale yellow and pink are found. In the language of flowers, lilacs symbolise love, apple blossom symbolises preference and in in Japan, cherry blossom symbolises the transcience of life.


Page 294. " Shadow had been practicing the Sucker Vanish "

The Sucker Vanish

Page 300. " I'd always thought of Olsens as being blonder than you.' "

The surname Olsen is of Danish-Norwegian origin meaning 'son of Ole.'