Page 351. " Elegba, the tricksiest of the gods "
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeElegba - Credit:

Elegba, also known as Eshu, Papa Legba and many other names, is a West African spirit/god (Orisha).  He is associated with trickery and chaos, sometimes seeming cruel, although he often has humans best interests at heart.


Page 351. " Great Mawu's eyes and ears "

Mawu is an African creator goddess, she is linked to the moon and the sun and sometimes has a brother/consort Lisa.

Page 354. " to dance the Calinda "

The Calinda is a dance which came from the Caribbean in the 1720's.

Page 354. " to sing to Damballa-Wedo, the serpent god "

Damballa-Wedo is a Vodou sky god, one of the most important of the loa. Snakes are one of his symbols, as is the colour white and the day Thursday.

Page 354. " sang to Elegba, to Ogu, Shango, Zaka "

The spirits mentioned are found in the Yoruba religion and in Vodou

Ogu is a spirit / deity (Orisha) and a Vodou spirit (Loa) who rules over iron, war and hunting. He is a patron of blacksmiths.

Shango is an Orisha associated with thunder and lightning.

Zaka is a Loa associated with agriculture and is often pictured as a peasant.

Page 357. " she danced the Calinda and the Bamboula "

The Bamboula is a dance accompanied by drums.

Page 360. " of Aido-Hwedo the voudon serpent "

Aido-Hwedo is a Vodou Loa associated with snakes, rainbows and fertility, wife to Damballa-Wedo.

Page 360. " it was Marie Laveau. "
Marie Laveau
Public DomainMarie Laveau - Credit: Smerdis of Tlön

Marie Laveau was an infamous vodou queen, practising in New Orleans. She had a daughter of the same name who took on the title of Vodou Queen after her mother died.


Page 365. " into South Dakota, heading for reservation country. "

South Dakota is home to the third highest population of Native Americans of any state, mainly Lakota, Dakota and Nakota (Sioux).


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Five of the state's counties are Indian Reservations, areas of land alloted to Native Americans by the United States Department of the Interior's Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Page 365. " their first signpost for Mount Rushmore "

Mount Rushmore
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeMount Rushmore - Credit: Dean Franklin
 Mount Rushmore is a sculpture carved out of granite featuring the likeness of four American presidents, in the region of the Black Hills. It was created by Gutzon Borglum and continued by his son Lincoln Borglum. Originally known by the Lakota Sioux as 'Six Grandfathers' it was renamed after New York Lawyer Charles E Rushmore.

It is a controversial monument for Native American people because the United States forcibly took back the land from the Lakota, despite originally promising them the Black Hills in perpetuity.