Page 527. " SEE ROCK CITY "

Rock City, official site here, is a roadside attraction, found near Chattanooga, Tennessee on Lookout Mountain.


Originally created as a rock garden by Garnet Carter and his wife Frieda, it was going to be named 'Fairyland,' and accordingly was filled with stone gnomes, wild flowers and famous fairytale characters.

The gardens still remain there and other popular attractions include the manmade waterfall 'High Falls of Lookout Mountain,' and 'Lovers Leap,' where legend has it that a Native American man was thrown off when it was discovered he was in love with a woman from a rival tribe.

There has been historical evidence found which suggests Native Americans did once inhabit 'Lookout Mountain.'


Page 528. " excavated an underground waterfall, which he called Ruby Falls "

Ruby Falls
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeRuby Falls - Credit: Jtesla16
Ruby Falls is fed by rainwater and natural springs, it is an underground waterfall which was not accessible until the 20th Century. Named after the wife of the man who discovered it, Leo Lambert.

Page 530. " travel weary vila and rusalka "

Vila are Slavic faeries or nymphs. They live in meadows, ponds, trees and clouds and appear as beautiful women, horses, wolves and swans. Vila can charm people with their beautiful voices but they are also fierce warriors.


Rusalka are female ghosts or water nymphs in Slavic myth. Like mermaids they live in water and tempt handsome men to a watery doom.

Page 530. " an elderly wampyr "

Wampyr is a variant of Vampire, a creature that lives off the blood of living creatures. Vampires appear in many cultures throughout the world in many different forms.

Page 530. " his legs were goat-legs "

This sounds like a Greek Satyr or Roman Faun. They are described as being strongly built, with flat noses, curly hair and beards. In literature they are found in the only complete Satyr play to be discovered, Cyclops by Euripides.

Satyr plays were brief comical affairs, written to be performed after tragedies, in keeping with the idea that this Satyr was once a comedian. In Rome they took on goat characteristics, with their bottom half becoming goat-like.

Page 530. " the word inscribed on his forehead meant life. "

The tall man with skin the colour of Polish clay is a Golem and the small dark bearded man with him is probably Judah Loew ben Bezalel, a Jewish rabbi who legend tells built the 'Golem of Prague'.

Golems are animated beings, often human shaped, created from inanimate matter, e.g. clay. Golems cannot speak and are activated by Hebrew words, often the word emet meaning truth or similar. Some stories suggest writing particular letters on parchment and placing it in the Golem's mouth, will cause it to come to life.

Page 530. " several Rakshasas, the demons of the Indian subcontinent, "

Rakshasa are described as being large, ugly, vicious creatures who growl like beasts and possess fangs and claws. They are cannibals and can sniff out men and other animals to eat. Their hunger is insatiable. They are also shapeshifters and magicians.


Page 531. " voices of the loa who rode them "

In Vodou ritual, the ritualist - priest Hougan, priestess Mambo, or sorcerer Bokor, become 'horses,' for the loa who 'ride' (possess) them.

Page 531. " commanded three of the Gede "

Gede are a family of spirits, commanded by Baron Samedi.

They possess the aspects of death and fertility and some act as guides to the afterlife and guardians of the graveyard.

Page 531. " Reykjavik in Iceland is a strange city "

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland. It is thought to be the site of the first permanent settlement in Iceland, formed by Ingolfur Amarson in AD 870.


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Page 537. " so fucking Lao Tzu "

Lao Tzu was a mystic Chinese philosopher, credited with creating the Tao Te Ching. He is the founder of Taoism / Daoism.



Page 543. " 'I am Macha, of the Morrigan. "

Macha, is an Irish goddess, linked to war, horses and the places Armagh and Emain Macha, whose names derive from her.


Daughter of Emmas, one of the Tuatha De Danann, she is considered part of a triple goddess (the Morrigna), along with her sisters Badb and Morrigan.