Page 603. " remembering some old Tony Curtis film he'd seen as a kid "

The film Shadow remembers is Houdini, a very hollywood take on the life story of Harry Houdini.

Tony Curtis uses the technique Shadow employs when one of his stage tricks goes wrong. This is one of several Houdini references throughout the novel foreshadowing Shadow's near fate.

Page 619. " put on an Indigo Girls CD, "

Indigo Girls  are a folk-rock duo from America.

Closer to Fine by the Indigo Girls.

Page 621. " Why don't you sit and read the Onion? "

American news satire organisation 'The Onion' has a newspaper and a website where it reports satirical articles both fact and fiction.

Page 622. " Six of them, and white. "

White roses, in the language of flowers, symbolise eternal love, silence, wistfulness, purity and secrecy, among other things. Perhaps an intentional symbol of Shadow's feelings towards Sam.


White Rose
Public DomainWhite Rose - Credit: Laitche Link to My Website